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...or scroll down to discover why MTMfair is the ideal platform to exhibit your sustainable brands

What are the benefits of a marketplace for me as a distributor or agent?

Discover new brands in the market

Discover new brands and products long before they appear at trade shows

0% commission on all orders

MTMfair does not charge a commission on wholesale orders.

Connect with the brands you represent

Lead wholesale traffic to your business using BrandConnect

Showcase the brands you represent and get discovered by the buyers you wish to target

As a distributor or trade agent on MTMfair you get the best of both worlds:

  • Discover new brands for your portfolio
  • Get B2B leads directly from potential retailers

Connect with your brands

Connect with the brands you represent using BrandConnect.

This way retailers will be directed to their respective distribution point without having to request the information from the brand.

Receive commission-free orders

We do not charge a commission on sales, we simply pass the order on to you.

  • Invoice your customer directly
  • Orders can be integrated into your ERP via API

Prices shown on request

Even when loggen in, retailers who are not yet connected to you will need to request to see your wholsale prices. 

Once you accept a retailer, they can order from you commission free on MTMfair.

Break the language barrier

Upload your profile page in your preferred language... we'll take care of the translation

MTMfair is currently available in English and German. More languages will be rolled out later in 2021.

MTMfair is for all participants of the trade chain.
Which role do you play?


0% Commission on B2B sales for all Manufacturers & Producers


Distributors & Trade Agents represent their brands and sell to retail


Connect with your brands and guide traffic into your retail store


Lovers of sustainable products discover where to buy their favourite goods

We are proud to have been nominated for the 2021 Green Product Award.

Since 2013, the Green Product Award has been distinguishing market ready products and services that stand out in the areas of sustainability, innovation & design.

"The founders of MTMfair clearly have the vision to connect people who produce, trade and purchase those products which create a positive impact on both society and the environment. This is what I really appreciate about MTMfair"

Imke Maeyer

"The guys at MTMfair were a tremendous help in getting our products uploaded. Connecting with our distributors on MTMfair was easy and has subsequently generated new retail customers for Luna Designs and our distributors."

Mark Fanner
Luna Design Co.

Building the network... together

Phase 1

Southern & East Africa

We have over a decade of experience in importing goods from Southern and East Africa to Europe.

Our initial efforts are thus invested in onboarding brands, traders and buyers from these regions as well as offering assistance with container pooling etc.

However, as MTMfair will be growing globally, anyone from anywhere is welcome to apply!

Phase 2

Cast your vote

Concerted efforts will be made to assist manufacturers, distributors and retailers from all other regions in the next phases. Which regions should we be targeting sooner, rather than later?

Register now to cast your vote.

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