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About MTMfair

MTMfair combines the classic trade show with a future orientated online wholesale marketplace where distributors, local retailers and consumers can discover unique interior and lifestyle products. Our b2b marketplace enables brands from around the globe to target their preferred group of wholesale buyers accurately and without language barriers. 

The digital marketplace MTMfair is a result of our many years of experience in production, wholesale distribution and retail, and our commitment to making this supply chain more economical, environmentally friendly and fair.

With our wholesale business we have been able to meet and connect with hundreds of retail buyers at trade shows during the 2010s. However, the vast majority of artisans creating sustainable goods will never make it to the most important shows such as Ambiente in Frankfurt, Maison & Objet in Paris or NY Now in New York. The most common reason for this being that these unique product offerings often stem from developing and emerging countries and the cost involved for a seller to reach these trade shows is simply too high. Yet up until recently, these sales channels were crucial for any supplier to reach independent retailers in the overseas market.

"The idea was to develop a transparent platform on which like-minded makers, traders and buyers of ethically made interior and lifestyle goods can meet, connect and trade sustainable products."

Benjamin Rüggeberg

The time and cost required between the time when a new product could go to market and the time it receives its first order is enormously long. What happens during this time? Wholesale customers and/or retail buyers have to be contacted, trade shows, hotels and flights are booked and paid for, brochures and catalogues need to be printed, logistics companies are commissioned - the list of to-dos is long. Will the exhibits arrive in tact and on time? Will the booth placement at the trade fair work for my products? Will the product do well with the independent retailers? And last but not least, will the trade show take place at all? Indeed, this too is a question that needs to be asked nowadays. On MTMfair, the new products can be uploaded directly after completing the photo and can enter the sales channel while the paint is still wet.

Thanks to our online wholesale marketplace we can now alleviate the pain-point for suppliers of sustainable products by offering a free to use platform on which independent brands are perfectly matched with qualified buyers.

"In developing MTMfair, we have taken great care to explicitly strengthen the role of the exhibitor. This means that only manufacturers and producers can upload products and assign them customised properties for each country of the world.

Distributors and retailers can thus incorporate existing products into their portfolio using our features BrandConnect, ProductConnect and RetailLink. Our basic approach here is that the retail chain is both logical and transparent at all times."

Andreas David

Store owners can discover unique products from small brands, whilst promoting their own brick and mortar store or e commerce platform. 

Small retailers do not have a purchasing department the way retail giants would have. It is usually the store owners themselves who need to travel to the trade fairs to discover new product offerings. This too costs huge amounts of time and money. An online marketplace can therefore alleviate the pain-point for a vendor stocking up on inventory and sustainable wholesale products. 

A wholesale supplier is an essential part of the supply chain to create the link between independent brands and retail buyers. Our B2B wholesale marketplace MTMfair would thus not be complete if we did not focus on the wholesaler when developing the platform.

When imagining wholesale marketplaces, one often has an image of a busy and vibrant oriental bazaar in mind. The reality is far less romantic however. In reality, when a large international trade show such as Maison & Objet takes place in Paris, the distributor or sales agent will typically jump between the booths of the brands that he or she represents, often "just missing" that one wholesale buyer they were so hoping to meet.

At wholesale marketplaces like MTMfair, distributors and sales agents not only have the opportunity to connect with their brands and thus create their wholesaler showroom, but can also discover independent brands ideal for the wholesale market and to perfectly compliment their wholesale portfolio.

Im summery, the MTMfair marketplace for sustainable interior and lifestyle products is the ideal online platform for brands (manufacturers and producers), wholesalers (distributors and agents), retailers (brick & mortar and online) and consumers to exhibit, sell and buy unique homeware goods that focus on social upliftment and environmental conservation.

We look forward to your application!

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